TMC Logistics Names Evan Vinzani Associate of the Quarter

on Thursday, May 12, 2022 in Awards & Recognition

The first quarter of 2022 (Q1 2022) was a record breaker for Evan Vinzani. Through the many responsibilities that he has as a Logistics Sales Representative (LSR), the SC Internship Supervisor, and the SC Salesforce Subject Matter Expert (SME), Evan has consistently grown his book of business, the SC Internship Program, as well as his influence as a TMC Leader. Regardless of his role at TMC, Evan’s impact has been progressive and significant throughout his career with TMC.

He started with TMC in April 2019 as a Carrier Sales Specialist (CSS) and quickly became one of the go-to CSSs within the Columbia, SC office. In June 2021, Evan transitioned into the LSR role and immediately made an enormous impact within his new role.

The dedication to full honesty and transparency that Evan shows to his customers is also the way he approaches his role as the SC Internship Supervisor. Evan said that he is “always following up and providing feedback at every step” with his Customers and Interns and that he finds this approach “adds value to the process, the individual, and himself.” Evan finds the same understanding, trust, and flexibility to find solutions that was given to him by a customer when issues arose is what he applies to developing the SC Interns. “I give them freedom to learn and make mistakes, have room to grow, as well as comfort to ask for help,” said Evan when asked how his Leadership style developed since becoming the SC Internship supervisor in August 2021. The Internship Program in SC is one that empowers the students from the University of South Carolina (UofSC), and, because of Evan’s approach to Leadership, the Internship Program at the SC office has grown in numbers of eager Interns.

The positive impact that each Intern has on TMC is the motivation that drives each SC Intern. Evan said, “The Interns know that what they do is important and is moving the needle for TMC.” The TMC Team Culture is instilled into each SC Intern from the first interview and is cultivated until they leave us to return to school. Evan is consistently working with his mentors, Asher Sircy, Cameron Devaux, Chris Buckingham, Jenny Wood, Kenny Kyle, and Shane Conaway to expand, develop and continuously improve the TMC Internship Program. Evan’s goal for the TMC Internship Program is one that will have significant positive impacts on TMC, the SC office, all current and future TMC Interns.

Evan is motivated to continue stretching himself beyond his comfort zone and growing both personally and professionally by ensuring that he is “someone that others look up to.” Evan is leading by his positive example and has gathered an appreciation for “going the extra mile” that is required to be a TMC Leader. Evan said, “When you look at your toolbox, you have a favorite tool that is your go-to for a specific job. Maybe it’s the best tool for the job at hand, or maybe it’s the best tool regardless of the job at-hand. I want to be that go-to tool, if you will, that is useful in most circumstances.” Evan’s dedication to volunteer or provide a helping hand to his Customers, Interns, and Teammates is shown in the work he puts in every day. Evan knows that the personal and professional growth he has seen in Q1 2022 does not happen without the support of a world-class team. Evan said, “I appreciate everyone in the SC office and what they all have done to develop me into who I am today. This isn’t a solo award, but something that I want to share with the entire Columbia Team.”

The impact and influence that he has on the entire TMC Network are only a few of the reasons that lead to Evan Vinzani being named the Associate of the First Quarter of 2022.