Forty Times Around The Earth

on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 in Awards & Recognition

Reaching one million safe miles is a milestone in any driver’s career. Reaching that milestone as a flatbed driver is even more impressive. Not only do they have to secure and tarp their loads, but they must also deliver to job sites and locations that were not built for 70’ tractor-trailers. A flatbedder’s work is hard and they must be diligent every day.

Imagine being on point driving around the earth 40 times. That is the equivalent of driving one million miles. Now imagine accomplishing this feat with traffic, severe weather and everything else the world can throw at you.

Through it all TMC drivers persevere and an amazing 165 drivers have driven one million safe, accident-free miles. Even more impressive are the 27 drivers with two million safe miles.

Six TMC drivers have accomplished something very few others will ever do. They have driven three million accident-free miles. With the increase in traffic, as well the amount of distracted driving that occurs on our roads daily, this is a monumental achievement.

Congratulations to TMC’s Three Million Safe Mile Drivers. We are in awe of your accomplishment and are thankful to have you as part of our team. You give everyone something to strive for.

Dick Wyatt Jr.*                  Russell Allen*       

Les  Bohlken*                   Alan Wiegard             

Darrell Macklin                 Kevin Dinsdale

 “All of the TMC drivers exceeding a million miles take a tremendous amount of pride in the work they do on a daily basis and TMC Transportation is very fortunate to have them represent the company in a safe and professional manner,” Todd Bunting, Vice President of Safety.

*These driver have driven three million consecutive safe miles without an accident.