Four Million Safe Miles Driven: Congratulations to TMC Driver, Alan Wiegard!

on Friday, September 18, 2020 in Awards & Recognition

TMC Transportation Flatbed Trucking Jobs Driving Drivers Alan Wiegard has been driving for TMC since 1984. After 36 years of dedication and safe driving, Alan Wiegard has set the record for the highest number of safe miles driven at TMC. Congrats Alan, on this outstanding accomplishment.

“Hitting 4 Million Miles represents years of work. I have no secret to success. In the beginning, I was worried about the check, but I learned it is more about the loads and getting them delivered on-time. That is the key to being successful in this business,” Wiegard said.

Alan chose TMC for the work and freight opportunities. During the Carter Era, the economy was down. He couldn’t continue to be a construction worker, so he followed the opportunity and became a Truck Driver. “In the past, companies used to cheat Drivers of checks, but not TMC. I have never had an issue with a check at TMC; they are a very honest company and I’d like to thank them for that.”

For anyone who is interested in TMC, Alan’s advice is, “Go with TMC – they are an honest company. They hire people with no experience so it is great if you are just getting into the driving world. You almost instantly make good money.”

Alan would like to thank Harrold Annett, Chairman & CEO, for his own success at TMC. “Harrold is really the foundation of TMC. He has worked so hard in order to make TMC as successful as it is. Thank you, Harrold, for everything you’ve done to make TMC what it is today.”

TMC spoke to VP of Safety, Todd Bunting, on this remarkable accomplishment. “Alan Wiegard has been around TMC for thirty-six years. He has accumulated 4,022,190 safe miles and has a total of 35 years of preventable, accident-free driving. Alan makes the jobs of everyone in Safety easy. He gets his inspections done on time, he turns in his maintenance reports monthly, and he delivers on time and claim-free. Alan is a true professional and a great example for anyone wanting to be an Owner Operator. He gets the job done daily and he is the type of person that is too easy for the Safety Dept. to forget about. That being said, I want to congratulate him for reaching the 4,000,000 Safe Mile threshold. Thanks for all you do, Alan. You are great example of what TMC is all about.”

Thank you, Alan, and congratulations on reaching 4,000,000 safe miles!