Get to Know TMC Driver Carly Fellin: Finding Success in the Trucking Industry!

on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 in Awards & Recognition

Carly Fellin came to TMC after formerly driving a local delivery truck. She trained to get her Class A CDL in TMC’s training program.

“I knew TMC had a good reputation and I was looking for a flatbed job. I was ready for a challenge,” Carly said. 

Carly admits that being physically strong makes flatbed trucking easier, but it takes more than an able body to get the job done.

“When I went on the road with my trainer I learned a lot of techniques that make securing loads simple. No doubt you need to be strong to do this job, but it’s more brain than brawn," she said. 

“Everyone has treated me with respect on the road and I have heard zero negative comments in regards to being a female in the industry,” she said. 

 Carly recalls recently meeting another TMC female driver on the road. They laughed together at how rare it still is to see women who have taken up the flatbed challenge. With less than six percent of all truck drivers being women and even less than that in the flatbed industry, it is a strong reminder of the opportunities in the industry. TMC is hoping that more women will find a home in trucking. The demand is for drivers, diesel techs, fleet managers, IT, and many other areas related to freight delivery.  

When Carly is not trucking she enjoys spending time with her family and watching football. Her two little dogs keep her active while on walks and hikes. Before TMC, Carly spent 10 years delivering cans of beer to distributors. She now consistently delivers sheets of aluminum in which are made into beer cans. She enjoys still having this connection and her new role in the delivery process. Carly is just one of many TMC drivers who have found success in flatbed trucking.