Good Samaritans Among Us

on Friday, March 21, 2014 in Awards & Recognition

In the last week we have had two instances where TMC drivers have gone above and beyond, selflessly saving others out on the road. 

This article from Atlanta 11 Alive describes and accident where two good Samaritans pull another driver out of his burning truck after it caught fire. One of those good Samaritans was TMC driver Chris Bearden. Chris was one of several drivers caught in a multiple truck accident. When the truck a few trucks behind him exploded into flames, Chris' adrenaline and former volunteer fireman training drove him into action. Chris was able to pull the driver out of the truck while others battled the flames with their fire extinguishers. Chris received an update this week that the driver he saved is in stable, but critical condition. We applaud Chris for his lifesaving actions and bravery. 

We also received this message from a fellow driver about a TMC driver's kindness and brave actions on the road.

"I'm trying to find out information on one of your drivers. He was traveling on rout 87 north in New York State on 3/14/14 around 1:00 am. He stopped and assisted me. I was hauling a set of doubles when the dolly caught on fire. I used my extinguisher and I didn't go out. He was able to get it out with his two extinguishers. I owe him at least the extinguishers and more. My trailers and truck would have gone up in flames if it weren't for this man's kindness and bravery. I never got his name, he stated he was almost out of time and had to go. Please help me find out who this driver is. I owe him big time. Other drivers from my own company drove right past me and this man didn't think twice to help a stranger." Jason Conway. 

The TMC driver described above is very modest and declined to me mentioned. 

We are thankful to have employee-owners like these two men representing our company.