Meet October 2015's Trainer of the Month, Greg Stehouwer!

on Tuesday, December 29, 2015 in Awards & Recognition

Gregory Stehouwer joined TMC Transportation as a flatbed truck driver in December 2010 and has been training new drivers for almost two years now.

Greg was motivated to become a trainer after realizing the great importance of giving new drivers proper education on load securement and safety precautions. “I felt that I could make a difference, do it the TMC way, and pay it forward,” Greg explains.

Greg enjoys being a Driver Trainer because he likes to see new drivers just starting their career in trucking succeed and achieve their goals.

When training his drivers, Greg gets to know each trainee personally. This effort is to not only to help these new drivers succeed in trucking, but to also help them get the best training experience possible. "You have to understand their personality and train from there," Greg describes. "I like to take it easy and make sure they understand step-by-step.”

Over the years, Greg has had former trainees call him; letting him know how they are doing. “It is rewarding to know they are doing well and are happy with their profession.”

Greg closes his interview with some words of advice to his fellow drivers: "Remember what you need to do and how to do it safely. Above all, enjoy what you do as a professional driver.”

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Greg (L) and Michael Rourke, TMC Trainer Coordinator

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