Les Bohlken: From One New Truck to the Next and a Million Miles Between

on Thursday, August 21, 2014 in Awards & Recognition

TMC is constantly striving to be the best and achieving this is only possible by having the best drivers working for TMC.  TMC drivers have consistently proven themselves to be  a level above the competition by displaying a pride of ownership in the company and  their equipment.  One amazing example of this is Les Bohlken, who has been a driver for TMC since 1986.

Les started driving in 1973 hauling feed for 11 years and a reefer for 3 years but nothing has compared to his tenure with TMC.  This month Les will have been with TMC for 28 years, currently on the John Deere division.  In November 2005, Les received a brand new truck and since then he has put over one million miles on it without ever needing to replace the engine, clutch, transmission, or any major damage repairs.  When he finally switched into his new truck last month, we did not have to do anything to the inside of his old truck.  In fact the inside of his old truck looked better than some of the new trucks which have been in the system less than a year!

According to Les, the signature TMC equipment provides the drivers with peace of mind when hauling through remote areas.  However, his diligent attention to the maintenance of the equipment from day one has kept his downtime in the shop lower than most other trucks. This clearly demonstrates how a driver's focus to details directly correlates to increased opportunities, reduced maintenance, and a higher resale value.

When asked what words of wisdom he had for new drivers, his advice was simple, "Take your time and do it right the first time." The employee focused management and employee owned mindset puts the day-to-day in perspective.  Les does his job at a comfortable pace; ensuring things are done right and efficient without the added pressure of a concern.

All his dedication didn't go unnoticed because Les received the Honorable Wheel Master award in 1987 and just last month stepped into his brand new 579 Peterbilt!

Les, thank you for your hard work, dedication and remarkable attitude that you bring to work every day.