Congrats to Our Logistics Associate of the 2nd Quarter: Mike Scott

on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 in Awards & Recognition

Mike Scott is TMC’s Associate of the Quarter for Q2. Since joining TMC in 2018, he has quickly set himself apart as extremely dedicated and enthusiastic.

He first joined TMC after talking to a friend who was a team lead. Hearing the great review about TMC, Mike felt like he had been missing something. “My friend told me about all the great things going on and I needed to get in on it,” Mike laughed. Mike’s favorite parts of working at TMC are the people, the atmosphere, and the work ethic. “The people here, the atmosphere…everyone works very hard to make sure everyone is successful and succeeds." Mike Scott Logistics Awards TMC Transportation Logistics Jobs Company

Mike does not take all this credit for his achievement; he humbly gives it to Rudy [Paniagua] and everyone else in the office with him. "Rudy does a great job making sure the atmosphere is fun and enjoyable, and everyone is great to work with. [Everyone] really works hard.” When asked what it means to be Associate of the Quarter, Mike responded, “I was shocked, but it shows that weeks of grinding away and building a customer base has paid off.”

Rudy Paniagua thought Mike was well deserving of this award, “Mike is very good at managing his team, and he isn’t overwhelming. He is a mentor, coach, and manager all in one and I think that is why people gravitate towards him. Mike is a top-notch performer. I think it is easier to do things given to you when your supervisor is also able to do it. He is very good at running his team.”

Mike does not plan to stop at Associate of the Quarter. “I want to try to get Associate of the Quarter consistently and maybe even Associate of the Year,” Mike said, “It is great to see that things are going in the right direction”.

Congrats Mike on Associate of the 2nd Quarter!


Criteria for Associate of the Quarter is chosen based on their positive impact in the office, tenure, attendance, growth from month-to-month, ability to solve problems, account/projects awarded or partnered with, impact on business development, ability to coach success, overcoming adversity/grit.