Michele Parker Named TMC's Logistics Associate of the Fourth Quarter

on Thursday, January 7, 2021 in Awards & Recognition

Michele Parker has recently been named TMC Transportation’s Associate of the Fourth Quarter. She has shown outstanding customer service skills and a dedication to Excellence in her role as a Logistics Sales Representative. In Quarter Four, Michele was able to double her margin from the third quarter as well as grow her revenue by more than 145%. She has also been able to become her largest customer’s transportation partner, securing over 90% of their transportation needs.Logistics TMC Transportation Internships Careers Management Supply Chain

Michele knows that any level of success is not easy without a good team beside you. From her home team in Ames, to our asset and support divisions of TMC, Michele has been able to leverage the knowledge of those around her to better understand TMC Operations and the agriculture industry. She trusts the TMC team to help with anything; from her Carrier Sales Specialists (CSS) covering tough loads, to Logistics Sales Representatives providing helpful tips, as well as the Training Department to create deeper connections with her customers. By leaning on the knowledge and expertise of the TMC team, the Ames office has created a synergy that is dependent on the complimentary skills of each individual. The collaboration between Michele and her team in the Fourth Quarter of 2020 was critical to driving her performance and achieving a common goal of servicing her customers at any cost.

Michele’s dedication to Excellence and core values of integrity, hard work, and relationship building helps her to provide the best customer service experience to her transportation partners. She is dedicated to going above and beyond for her customers and team by always making herself available and committing herself to producing the best outcome possible for all parties. For example, Michele was recently able to fill a gap for her largest customer on a hot load after normal business hours - largely in part due to her tenacity and constant communication.

Michele knows her customers have many options when it comes to choosing their transportation provider. She tries to stand out by involving herself in many of their processes. From product knowledge, to staging and shipping, Michele is an expert of all things for her customers. Her customers have taken notice and are consistently blown away by her dedication. In fact, they often reach out to Michele’s General Manager, Kenny Kyle, passing along their praise of Michele.

“When I interviewed Michele for the Logistics Sales Representative position in Ames in the Summer of 2018, I knew that she would be a great success. She had the can-do attitude and the desire to win. In the two and a half years that Michele has been with us, this has become evident. Michele’s genuine care about ethics, not taking shortcuts, and giving customer service that is second to none has been a great reflection on TMC. There have been three separate occasions now where I have been contacted by people outside the company to commend her exemplary service to them. She has built up business by showing her customers that she is there for them and has their interests at heart. What makes Michele an even greater asset to TMC is that she believes in doing the right thing every time and doing it the TMC way," said Kenny Kyle, General Manager in Ames, IA.

Michele has been able to secure 90% of her customers business by being open to help from her TMC team, providing exemplary customer service, and working harder than the competition. She understands the impact of her dedication, stating: “Everything we do goes beyond the money we make.” If she can make the lives of the people she works with easier, she’ll continue to build lasting relationships that lead to fruition in future quarters.

Criteria for Associate of the Quarter is chosen based on an employee’s positive impact in the office, tenure, attendance, growth from month-to-month, ability to solve problems, account/projects awarded or partnered with, impact on business development, ability to coach success, and overcoming adversity/grit.