Rance Moon

Meet Trainer of the Month, Rance Moon

on Friday, March 8, 2019 in Awards & Recognition

After driving a van for a few years, Rance Moon was looking for a change of pace; something that would keep him productive out on the road, but also give him the home time he was wanting. Upon joining the Black and Chrome fleet in October 2016, Rance was reintroduced to the trucking industry “the TMC way.”

After getting his footing in the open deck industry with TMC, he was approached about becoming a driver trainer. His interest wasn’t there initially. “I kind of keep to myself,” Rance explains. “After speaking to my trainer, Mikel Whitehead, I decided to give it a try.”

Now in his second year of training, Rance is thankful that he took the leap of faith. “I’ve learned a lot while doing this job, and my ‘book of secrets’ has filled up quickly,” he says.

When Rance is on the job, his goal is to work efficiently while keeping safety at the forefront. “I always tell my trainees to keep in contact with me if they need help, but I do my best to teach them how to be independent out on the road.”

Training has even taught Rance some things about himself. “I didn’t realize how much patience I had until I started, and I enjoy it a lot more than I expected to. I’ve also learned to speak up and deal with different situations.”

The Fortson, Georgia native says the whole experience has been extremely worthwhile. “I’ve met a lot of great guys along the way,” Rance says. “I want to be able to hear from my trainees down the road that they retained what I taught them. That’s how I know I did something right.”

Driver trainers are vital to the TMC Training Department, and each month a trainer is chosen who demonstrates the outstanding qualities TMC looks for in a trainer. The Trainer of the Month recipient is chosen based on their safety record and the safety performance of their trainees, the number of drivers trained and the retention percentage of those drivers. Congratulations to our January 2019 Trainer of the Month, Rance Moon!