Richard Robida Named September Trainer of the Month

on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 in Awards & Recognition

TMC would like to congratulate Richard Robida on his recognition for September’s Trainer of the Month. Robida maintains a perfect training record with all eight of the drivers Robida has trained being active TMC drivers. When asked why Robida chose to become a driver trainer he responded, “I had a great trainer, he showed me exactly what to expect on road, and I want to be able to give others that experience as well.”

When Robida is not driving he enjoys spending time with friends and family. “I’m constantly checking in with my family when I’m on the road.” Robida has family ties to TMC as his brother-in-law is also a current driver. “I heard the way he talked about it and knew it was something I was interested in.”

Robida has nothing but good things to say about TMC drivers, “Some of the most helpful drivers on the road are TMC drivers. We look out for everyone but especially those within the TMC fleet.”

Robida understands that each driver he trains is different and takes pride in teaching them all of the skills and habits to be productive and safe. “Treat them how you would like to be treated." TMC trainers play a critical role in the success of TMC's fleet. TMC is constantly looking for more driver trainers that are as successful as Robida. Please congratulate Richard on his accomplishment of being recognized as Trainer of the Month.