Russ Allen: 30 Years of TMC Dedication

on Monday, October 27, 2014 in Awards & Recognition

Russ Allen was a farmer in Sheffeild, Iowa until 1987 when he decided that he needed a change of scenery and began driving a truck for a local delivery company.  A short while later, Russ found himself envying the shiny new truck parked in his neighbor’s driveway. As it turns out, his neighbor had just started as a driver for TMC, and it didn’t take much convincing to get Russ to sign on as well.  One of the main reasons Russ came to TMC is because of its emphasis on quality and the focus on providing their drivers with the best trucks on the road. Pride in ownership is something that TMC keeps in high regards; a value that Russ shares as well.

Now almost 30 years later Russ is a tenured, top-earning driver for TMC who just received his brand new 579 Peterbilt, after turning in his old 379 Peterbilt which he received new in Oct. 2005.  He never had any major engine or body repairs the entire nine years he drove his prior truck, putting 1,060,180 miles on the truck since it was assigned to him and the truck looked almost new when he turned it in for his new truck!

When Russ started, he developed a lot of respect for  Walt Annett, who was the VP of Maintenance.  Russ stated, “I often think of the many times Walt would encourage me when I was down on myself and the job,”  he would always encourage me and I would end up feeling better and staying at TMC.  When Walt retired I missed him, but I dearly missed him when he passed away, he was very much a father figure to me.  

Russ acknowledges the challenges that come with being a flatbed truck driver. His advice to current and future TMC drivers is stick it out, don’t get in a hurry, help others, and of course take pride and care of your truck.