TMC Among TMSA 2023 Trailblazer Award Winners

TMC Among TMSA 2023 Trailblazer Award Winners

on Wednesday, July 5, 2023 in Awards & Recognition

In June of 2023, the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA) announced the winners of the Trailblazers Awards during the 2023 ELEVATE Conference in Savannah, GA. Of the many attendees and winners, TMC was able to secure an award alongside Luminaries Consulting for TMSA Partner of the Year.   

Over the past several months, TMC has worked in conjunction with Sara Black and Holly LaBoda, Partners and Co-Founders of Luminaries Consulting, a strategy-based company helping organizations get, keep, and grow their ideal clients. TMC saw an opportunity for growth within managing operations and a chance to improve the approach to account management. While partners with logistics industry experience and sales training expertise are rare, a referral revealed Luminaries Consulting fit the qualifications TMC was looking for.  

With the help of Luminaries Consulting, TMC launched its Growth Account Acceleration Program (GAAP) with many high potential account managers from TMC’s network. The customized curriculum leveraged elements of virtual classroom and self-guided learning, as well as peer and leader feedback. Each participant selected a growth account from their portfolio and were given the homework necessary to succeed. Throughout the program, Luminaries Consulting focused on areas such as metrics, training to help shape company culture, practical applications, and leadership engagement to help TMC’s strategy stick!  

“Education is nothing if you don’t apply it. And I think the way they push for folks to apply this and put the marker out there to grow these accounts was fantastic,” explains Keith Chyla, Vice President of Logistics at TMC.  

The GAAP program has since reached its second year and has seen tremendous success at TMC. This success ultimately caught the attention of the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association and won TMC and Luminaires Consulting the 2023 TMSA Partner of the Year Award. TMSA is exclusively dedicated to advancing the success of marketing and sales professionals in all modes of the commercial freight transportation market. During the TMSA’s ELEVATE Conference, Trailblazer Awards are given to showcase the very best of marketing and sales in the transportation industry.  

A huge thank you and congratulations to Holly LaBoda and Sara Black with Luminaries Consulting and everyone involved in the project with TMC! We are proud of the partnership that has been created and look forward to its continued success.