TMC Drivers Come to the Aid of a Fellow Driver in Distress

on Monday, March 29, 2021 in Awards & Recognition

Black and Chrome SaluteWe already know that drivers are unsung heroes when it comes to moving essentials in good times, bad times, and even during a pandemic. TMC Driver, David Grant, became a hero of another kind when he saved someone’s life while stopped with his trainer at a job site today.

David and his trainer, Adam Brenneman, were stopped while waiting to drop off a load. They chatted with a driver from Alabama for a few minutes and then resumed what they were doing. The other driver walked away and just a few moments later, David saw him lying on the ground.

“I ran to the truck, got my jacket, put it under his head, and kept clapping to keep him alert and awake until the ambulance arrived. I remembered that he previously talked about his family back home in Alabama, so I told him that he would make it home to his family.” David continued to ask him questions about his daughters, whom he had mentioned earlier until the ambulance arrived.

“I am kind of the one who stays calm in my family in these situations. I used my experience to keep calm,” David said. He has dealt with people having strokes and seizures in the past, so he recognized the symptoms immediately.

Once the ambulance was on the scene, David and his trainer, Adam, spoke with the EMTs, who confirmed that the actions David took were exactly what was needed. Trainer, Adam Brenneman said, “It was an eye-opener for me. We had just talked to the guy and it happened so quickly. We had just started taking the bungees off the load and then he was on the ground.”

David said it was something he would do for anyone. “I just feel like I am supposed to help. Thank you, God, for letting me work for this company. I am out here representing the whole company as one. I told them I represent TMC.”

Jaime Schrader, David’s training coordinator says, "I appreciate his quick actions to help save this man’s life. This is the type of person that we want here at TMC."