TMC Logistics Names Laura Burt Associate of the Quarter (Q2 2022)

on Monday, July 25, 2022 in Awards & Recognition

The Second Quarter of 2022 (Q2 2022) was one of achievement and actualization of personal and professional goals for Laura Burt. During Q2 2022, Laura received three promotions; Carrier Sales Specialist (CSS) Team Lead for the TMC Ames, IA office, IA Internship Supervisor, and Logistics Training Specialist. Laura’s promotions are a result of her dedication to teamwork, selfless leadership, and commitment to upholding the TMC Core Values of Quality, Integrity, and Continuous Improvement. In her time at TMC, Laura has left her imprint on each person she has encountered along the way, has added tremendous amounts of value to the TMC network, and, as a result, has been named the Associate of the Second Quarter of 2022 (AOQ2 2022).

Laura Burt TMC

Laura started with TMC in May 2021 as a Logistics Coordinator (LC) in the Ames, IA office. Laura’s first days with TMC were enveloped with the by-products of Covid-19. During her first days with TMC, Laura was only able to meet her General Manager (GM), Kenny Kyle, and her Trainer, Jenny Wood. Despite the less-than-ideal circumstances that Laura had in her first days with TMC, she remained positive about the opportunity that TMC offered her and the future of her TMC career. Shortly after Laura started as an LC, she added responsibility to her plate, and carried out the duties as a CSS in conjunction with her duties as an LC. Laura reveled in the opportunity to grow and learn the CSS role. She provided quality results as she excelled through the dual-role responsibilities. Laura said, “Overall, challenges are good, challenges are opportunities.” Laura’s positive outlook on challenges and commitment to teamwork are the driving forces propelling the growth and development of, not only herself, but also the CSSs on her team and the Interns who she leads to success.

As the Ames CSS Team Lead and the IA Internship Supervisor, Laura has been instrumental in each Ames CSS and IA Intern exceeding their professional goals at TMC, identifying their personal goals, and growing as Logistics Professionals and Young Adults. Laura leans on the examples of leadership that she has received at TMC. Laura said, “You can succeed quickest by helping others to succeed, and that’s what they did for me” in reference to the guidance and leadership that she received from TMC Leaders. Laura instils the positive mindset to her CSS team and her IA Interns as a way to pay forward the gifts she has received from numerous leaders at TMC. A crucial element to Laura’s personal success and the individual success of the Ames CSS team and the IA Interns is a commitment to integrity. Laura promotes individual integrity through her personal examples of accountability and continuous improvement within her day-to-day duties by “never leaving anything undone” and it is seen in the results of the CSSs on her team and the Interns she supervises. Laura said, “It all comes full circle. Doing everything to the best of your ability, despite the personal monetary gains, level of difficulty, or the time on the clock, you will reap the benefits of going the extra mile. At the least, you can learn something new that you can apply next time.”

Laura will continue her career at TMC doing what she does best, working in a dual-responsibility role as the IA Internship Supervisor as well as a Logistics Training Specialist. Laura’s goal within her new role is to, “…absorb knowledge and continue to learn…” from the Logistics Training Team so that she can continue to “… develop and enhance the TMC Internship Program to watch TMC employees and IA Interns continue to grow and flourish in their time at TMC.” Laura is tremendously thankful for the individual development and growth that has been selflessly given to her by TMC Leaders like Cameron Devaux, Chris Buckingham, Garret Alt, Kenny Kyle, and Michele Parker. Laura is humbled by receiving the AOQ2 2022 award, and said, “The trust, confidence, and room to grow that they (TMC Leaders) continue to show me is my personal goal to give to each IA Intern and TMC Employee I get the privilege to work with in my career at TMC.”