TMC Names Mike Iverson as Trainer of the Month: August 2020

on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 in Awards & Recognition

Driver Trainer TMC Transportation Truck Driving Careers Mike Iverson has been named Trainer of the Month this August. Mike has been with the Black & Chrome Family since February 2018 and has been driving off and on since 2003. TMC caught his eye with the equipment, accessibility to get home on weekends, and the increase in pay from other companies Iverson was with prior.

In the middle of his career, Iverson took a break from truck driving to work in manufacturing. After ten years off the road, Iverson returned to the transportation industry and joined the TMC family. “The pay was much better than what I was getting in the manufacturing industry,” he explains. Soon after his arrival, Iverson started training drivers. “Training drivers was an easy decision for me; I am good at it and I have trained people wherever I’ve worked.”

When asked what the key is to being a great Trainer, Iverson replied without hesitation – patience. “Trainers must be understanding and patient. Working with trainees is similar to teaching kids how to ride a bike. You have to keep working with them, no matter what you think, and they will eventually learn. It just takes time.”

Iverson’s favorite part of being a trainer is seeing his trainees become successful. “I keep in close contact with as many trainees as I can. A lot of them do not know what it is they are getting themselves into. I show them everything, each step of the way,” he continued.

Iverson tells TMC that he loves being able to get home on the weekends, even during times when he is training new drivers. “I appreciate my Fleet Manager, Glenda Miller, as well as my Operations Manager, Craig Divine. Thank you for taking care my family and I, TMC. Thank you for allowing us to get home on the weekends to spend time with our families.”

“Mike has been training for two years and currently training his nineteenth student. Mike has had great success getting guys trained and moved on to a truck. Several of these drivers are still with the company today. Join me in congratulating Mike on this outstanding achievement!” says Jeff Geist, Training Coordinator Manager at TMC Transportation.

Congratulations to Mike Iverson for being Driver Trainer of the Month for August 2020!

Driver trainers are vital to the TMC training department, and each month a trainer is chosen who demonstrates the outstanding qualities TMC looks for in a trainer. The Trainer of the Month recipient is chosen based on their safety record and the safety performance of their trainees, the number of drivers trained, and the retention percentage of those drivers.