TMC Names Greg Stehouwer Trainer of the Year 2020

on Thursday, March 25, 2021 in Awards & Recognition

Greg Stehouwer
Greg Stehouwer 2020 Trainer of the Year

Third-generation truck driver, Greg Stehouwer, has been training new TMC drivers since 2013. After previously being a Diesel Technician in the Marine Corps, his next career in trucking just made sense. Greg was not only committed to being a safe driver; he additionally joined the Safety Support Team here at TMC.

He still wasn’t satisfied, though, because he wanted to make an even bigger impact on our drivers. He knew the best option to accomplish this ambition was to become a trainer. Knowing drivers would be trained to do everything the right way inspired Greg to get started. Watching his trainees’ lives get better drives him to be a more successful trainer every day.

One principle that Greg always stands by each day is to “never forget where you came from”. When he is working with his trainees, he thinks back to the time when he was in their position. Having patience and empathy for your trainees will make them better drivers. He gives his trainees the tools they need to become successful and then admires their hard work to become a TMC truck driver.

Greg stands by three main points for new trainees that are getting ready to hit the road with their trainers. They are pretty simple: Always listen to your trainer, ask questions, and remember to be patient with your trainer. Just as the trainee is learning new skills from the trainer, the trainer is also trying to understand how to best teach the trainee according to their learning style.

Even when the trainee is handed the keys to his own black and chrome truck, Greg likes to stay in touch and keep a relationship with them. He reflected on the kindness of a particular trainee’s family - he drove up with his wife and kids to bring him dinner. Another situation that he distinctly recalls is that the first trainee he ever had never had driven anything bigger than a car. It was a challenge and the trainee wanted to give up several times, but he was determined to push through and his persistence paid off. He ended up becoming a successful driver and provided more financially for his family than he had been able to do before.

Driver trainers are vital to TMC’s fleet and an important part of maintaining the company’s excellent customer service and safety record. Congratulations, Greg Stehouwer, on the huge accomplishment of being named TMC’s Trainer of the Year for 2020!