TMC Names Jackson Behn Associate of the Quarter

on Tuesday, July 13, 2021 in Awards & Recognition

TMC names Jackson Behn Associate of the Quarter! Within his first year as a Logistics Sales Representative, he has become one of the highest-producing LSRs in the Des Moines, IA office. Jackson had significant growth during the second quarter of 2021. When compared to the first quarter, Jackson has increased his revenue by 219% and his margin by 431%. Growth like this does not happen by chance, but rather by deliberate action that is focused on the basic building blocks of the LSR role, meaningful communication with existing and potential customers, and remaining committed to providing win-win results. Jackson’s growth is built on a strong foundation that is supported by his commitment to daily lead generation as well as phone calls to potential and existing customers. Jackson is a student of his environment and uses it as a lead generation tool.

One of Jackson’s up-and-coming customers is Midwest Barrel Company, which he identified as a potential customer through his social life. Jackson’s creativity in identifying potential customers has resulted in him being Midwest Barrel Company’s transportation provider for several lanes and opened the door for additional opportunities with companies in similar verticals. Jackson knows that regular lead generation is an important foundational component to success as an LSR, but that effort is futile without phone calls. Jackson has found that reaching out to customers yields a better return on investment than what he was experiencing by waiting for the customers to reach out to him. Jackson attributes his increase of doing both lead generation and making consistent phone calls as the basic component to the growth he’s seen this quarter.

Jackson Behn

Consistency of purposeful communication is the key to developing connections that will cultivate long-term relationships. With meaningful communication as his focus on each interaction, Jackson has developed a relationship built upon trust and mutual understanding with his customers. This type of relationship enables Jackson to identify customer needs, to identify the impact of their needs, and to offer solutions that connect to the customer’s why, but that is also reflective of what a win looks like for the customer.

“Jackson started with us in June 2020, which was a tough time for a college graduate just getting started, but Jackson never gives up! He has put in a lot of work and remained disciplined to have the growth he has experienced this quarter, which has made him one of the highest revenue-producing LSRs on Peter’s team,” Marcy Noble, Jackson’s General Manager said.

Jackson’s largest account, PTC Tubular Products, was developed by this thought process and approach. PTC Tubular Products was not a new customer to TMC but the customer did not have a positive experience with TMC in the past, which made them very resistant for the first few months of communication. However, Jackson took time with the decision-maker to understand his position, as well as his needs, which enabled Jackson to mend the broken relationship between PTC Tubular Products and TMC. The biggest need for PTC Tubular Products was transparent communication. By taking a consultative approach, and asking questions to understand the full scope of the impact that communication has on the customer, Jackson identified a specific way, which enabled him the ability to offer solutions that are valued by the customer. Because of his commitment to transparent communication in all situations with PTC Tubular Products, Jackson is now the one point of contact on several lanes for them. A mutually beneficial, long-term relationship for both the customer and TMC, is developed by deeper connections that allow for trust, loyalty, and win-win results for all parties. Jackson says, “Every touch you make gets you closer to a win.”

Jackson recommends making a concerted effort each day to keep your pipeline refreshed as a simple way to predict your future. Jackson suggests setting yourself apart from everyone else by developing personal relationships, sharing stories, and having real conversations with customers as the secret sauce to growth. Jackson’s advice for all LSRs is to not become complacent with their current level of success. Jackson is immensely thankful to his Sales Manager, Peter Sriboonreuang, and his General Manager, Marcy Noble for the encouragement, support, and guidance that they both consistently give. Jackson’s growth and success are a culmination of consistency from every aspect, and is why he is the TMC Logistics Associate of the Second Quarter for 2021!