TMC Names Joe Searfino Driver of the Quarter

on Thursday, March 3, 2022 in Awards & Recognition

As Joe Searfino graduated from CDL school nearly 20 years ago, the first trucking pamphlet to catch his eye featured the shiny black and chrome trucks of TMC. Searfino remembers that his instructors advised against flatbed trucking insisting it is a tough job. However, the hard work didn’t scare Joe as he found himself joining TMC. Searfino is a prime example of what TMC is looking for in a driver.

Searfino has had a diverse 14 years driving for TMC. He has been on dedicated accounts, the Boat Division, has trained new drivers and is now on the Linehaul Division. 

“When I was coming through TMC’s training program, I had Jeff Floyd, (now VP of Business Development at TMC) as a trainer and he was hard on me. I respected him for that, I looked up to Jeff and the way he did things," Searfino said. 

 Whenever Searfino is training new drivers or giving advice to people less experienced, he tells them that to be successful you need to do things right and work hard. 

“When I drive down the road and see other flatbeds with tarps wrinkled or torn it bothers me. I love having my tarps nice and my truck spotless,” he said. 
Due to Searfino’s positive reputation and the respect he has earned, he has gotten the opportunity to represent TMC in some unique ways. After the passing of TMC’s founder, Harrold Annett, Searfino was given the opportunity to drive the memorial truck in honor of Harrold. Harrold’s son, Michael Annett, was a professional NASCAR driver before retiring at the end of the 2020 season. Searfino was asked to drive some of Micheal’s NASCAR equipment across the country to different races. 

Harrold's Memorial Truck

Joe Searfino is now eligible for TMC’s highest honor a driver can achieve, which is to become a Wheel Master. 

When asked what this means to Searfino he replied, “It blows my mind. Driver of the Quarter, along with the possibility of becoming a Wheel Master, was never on my radar but it is an honor because I know how many guys in TMC’s fleet are deserving of these awards.”

 Please help us congratulate Joe Searfino as Driver of the 4th Quarter!