TMC Transportation's William Bloom Awarded Driver of the Second Quarter 2017

on Monday, August 21, 2017 in Awards & Recognition

With over fourteen years of service with TMC and an astounding 1.5 million safe driving miles, TMC is proud to award William Bloom with the designation of Driver of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2017.

William came to TMC in 2003 after spending 20 years in the construction industry. According to him, there is no place he would rather be.

“I wanted to work for TMC from the day I started truck driving school,” he says. “TMC was and still is the best company to work for, and I had to earn my right to work here.”

A self-proclaimed man of few words, William finds the key to being a successful truck driver is to buckle down and do things right day in and day out. In William’s career, patience has been a virtue. This virtue put him well on his way to accomplishing two million safe driving miles.

“It is important to take your time. You get in a hurry, and it gets you in trouble,” he explains. “Be cautious and aware of your surrounding at all times, and drive for the other drivers when they aren’t doing the same.”

“William stands out in many ways,” says Glenda Miller, William’s Fleet Manager. “He has an excellent performance history and shows tremendous work ethic day in and day out.  His professionalism, teamwork, and positive attitude make him a fantastic asset to TMC and a deserving recipient of the Driver of the Quarter award.”

William resides in Pennsylvania with his wife and three Miniature Yorkies. He has three grown sons, and credits a supportive home life for his achievements during his time as an over-the-road truck driver.

Criteria for Driver of the Quarter recognition includes years of service with the company, safe driving record, excellent customer service, professionalism and overall quality performance. Once a driver is recognized as a Driver of the Quarter they are eligible to receive the prestigious Wheel Master Award.

Congratulations, William Bloom!