2019 TMC Wheel Master: Mike Pennington

on Monday, April 20, 2020 in Awards & Recognition

Wheel Master Mike Pennington Award Driver The Wheel Master award is the highest driver honor given at TMC, and was created as a way to recognize the best of the best in an already remarkable fleet of drivers. Each year a driver is honored with the Wheel Master distinction based on years of service with the company, safe driving record, and overall quality of performance.

There is no doubt that Mike is a tremendous representative of the distinguished TMC Wheel Master award with his exceptional work ethic and safety record. Mike has been with TMC just over 16 years and has accomplished 1.8 million safe driving miles. He was named Driver of the Second Quarter and Trainer of the Year in 2019, along with being a Trainer of the Month in June 2018.

The work environment and the people he gets to work with are just a couple things that have kept Mike at TMC. “I like the independence of the job and the standards that each person is held to,” Mike explains.

As any seasoned employee at TMC knows, that standard is Destination: Excellence. “Being a successful driver here takes dedication to the job and attention to detail,” Mike continued. “I’ve always put my best foot forward because anything worth doing is worth doing right.”

Before he joined the flatbed industry, Mike held jobs in construction, factory work, and even the auto industry. “I actually came here to get out of the spotlight,” Mike recalls. “I never expected all of this to happen.”

“Mike does the job day in and day out safely and efficiently, and he works hard to help his trainees do the same,” says Pat Barr, Mike’s Fleet Manager. “He puts forth his best efforts and is proof that doing so will yield amazing results. Mike is a true TMC ambassador all the way around.”

Being named Wheel Master was Mike’s biggest goal at TMC, and now he can continue his career as one of the best drivers in the company. “It’s a huge accomplishment and it means a lot. It’s an elite group of drivers so it’s a really good feeling."

Mike will be honored at the annual Wheel Master Meeting that will take place at TMC’s headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa. Wheel Masters past and present gather for a luncheon to catch up and induct the newest Wheel Master. At this time, the luncheon is postponed to follow social distancing guidelines.

Once again, congratulations to our deserving recipient, Mike Pennington, for acquiring the most esteemed title awarded at TMC.