Congratulations to Gary Hendrickson, TMC's Driver Trainer of the Year for 2017!

on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 in Awards & Recognition

Congratulations to Gary Hendrickson, TMC’s Trainer of the Year for 2017! Gary has been a professional truck driver with TMC for nearly nine years; seven and a half of which he has been a part of the TMC Training Department. He received the Trainer of the Month award twice in that time: in April 2014 and May 2017.
Gary prides himself on the work he does on a daily basis. He has been known to go above the call of duty when it comes to being safe out on the road. “I really focus on the details, because those are the things that can cost you in the end,” Gary says. His goal is that drivers will take his way of doing things and make it into their own way. “During the duration that they’re in my truck, I try to teach them to run it like it’s their own,” Gary says.
Every new or inexperienced driver earns differently. Gary says that part of his job is reading drivers and figuring out the most effective way to teach them. “You can never forget where you came from,” he says. “You have to be patient with new drivers and give them a chance to grow.” Gary believes his consistent and laid-back approach is part of what brings him and his trainees success.
Along with the hard work and dedication required in this industry, Gary preaches that a healthy family life is critical. “TMC is more than just a place to work; we are a family,” he says. “I make sure my trainees know that and I put forth extra effort to show it.” He does this by introducing his trainees to his family, and making sure he gets to know theirs as well.
It is important for Gary to keep the lines of communication open to all of his trainees, even after they complete their training. “I still hear from my trainees, and some of them are even trainers now themselves. I’m very proud of my guys and I have some good drivers out there.”
As for future aspirations for himself at TMC, Gary says he just hopes to continue assisting in growing the TMC family. “Not only can I make a lot of friends doing this job, but I can also do my part in making sure we put safe, professional drivers on the road,” he says. “TMC takes care of me, so I work hard to take care of them.”
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Gary, right, with Jeff Wisgerhof, VP Driver Training
Gary resides in Dallas, NC, with his wife. When he isn’t out on the road, he enjoys spending time with her and their kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. Congratulations to Gary on this outstanding accomplishment. We are proud to call him a part of the TMC Family.