William 'Gray' Dougherty Announced As Driver of The Quarter!

on Friday, August 4, 2023 in Awards & Recognition

William ‘Gray’ Dougherty  

Driver of The Quarter - Quarter One 2023

Congratulations to William ‘Gray’ Dougherty as he becomes TMC Driver of the Quarter. Dougherty has been with TMC for 24 years and has been a professional driver since 1984. “I have done everything in terms of truck driving and have found a home at TMC,” says Dougherty.  

When TMC started a dedicated account strictly hauling boats in 2009, Dougherty was given the opportunity to join. “I’ve been on the boat division since the beginning and have enjoyed it, it’s a different pace from linehaul and there’s certainly many adventures to be had.” One of those adventures for Dougherty is delivering boats to Newfoundland, Canada. To deliver the boats, Dougherty boards an 8-hour ferry ride with his truck. “These types of runs are a great chance to escape reality and disappear for a while.”  

In an industry dominated by turnover among truck drivers, TMC takes pride in drivers finding long successful careers. Dougherty plans on retiring with TMC. When asked about what changes he has witnessed in the flat bedding industry over the last several decades Dougherty had this to say, “Some people complain about the complexity we have seen, moving to more technology, but the lifestyle has seen a lot of improvements. There are better food options, better equipment, and overall, it’s a better time driving a flatbed truck.”  

With over 3 million safe driving miles Dougherty has proven that he truly has what it takes to stand out among an already impressive fleet of drivers. Dougherty credits some of his success to this quote, “Think of the car in front of you as your family and the car behind you as a police officer.” It may be cheesy, but it is a quote that Dougherty thinks about and pushes him to be the best he can be.  

TMC is proud to announce William ‘Gray’ Dougherty has the 2023 Q1 Driver of the Quarter!