A look at TMC's Dedicated Fleet

on Monday, April 25, 2022 in Company News

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Dedicated fleets are divisions within TMC in which drivers typically deliver and pick up from the same customers each week. Dedicated fleets are important to TMC and to the customers they serve. The consistency of these routes leads to strong relationships between drivers, customers, as well as TMC as a whole. TMC can meet customer needs more effectively when they have a carrier they can depend on to consistently deliver on time while maximizing productivity. It’s a win-win for everyone.

With over 25% of TMC’s fleet hauling for dedicated customers it is no surprise that drivers enjoy dedicated accounts. TMC offers dedicated accounts all over the country and has hundreds of drivers in the dedicated fleet.

George Calore has been on a dedicated route with TMC for over 12 years. Calore delivers steel to the upper Midwest, concentrated in Ohio. “I love hauling steel, I’ve always loved hauling steel,” says Calore. Calore drives a side kit trailer (covered wagon) and the loading and unloading of these trailers are much easier than typical flatbeds.

“My dedicated route has been a lifesaver on my home time, I get home Wednesday and every weekend. Fleet managers do a great job getting drivers home when they want to. Some drivers choose to stay out over the weekend and that’s an option too,” explains Calore. The route in which Calore drives each week is very consistent and over the last decade, Calore has become very familiar with the customers he delivers to. Many of the typical issues drivers face each day are not issues when dealing with dedicated accounts. “My loads are never overweight, I don’t have to worry about complicated directions, the side kit I drive is easy to load and unload, and I am never too far from my home.”image 1 George Calore has driven with TMC since 1993 and has been on a dedicated route for 12 years. Calore has over 2 million safe driving miles.