After 50 Years, the Destination is Still Excellence for TMC Transportation

on Thursday, March 10, 2022 in Company News

March 10th, 2022 – TMC Transportation, a flatbed carrier with headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, celebrated 50 years in business this week. On March 6th, 1972, the first delivery was hauled from Chicago to Des Moines. Since that time, TMC's mission has been to set itself apart in the industry as a premium flatbed carrier. To achieve this reputation, TMC focuses on hiring the most professional drivers in the industry who consistently deliver safely and on time for customers.

Once its founder, Harrold Annett, purchased the dormant trucking company, The Mickow Corporation, he began an impressive journey to grow TMC into the organization it is today. Starting with only six trucks and an office staff of two, the company now operates out of four terminals and a dozen Logistics offices. In 1984, Mr. Annett changed the name of the company to TMC Transportation.

The company's success depends on many people - including drivers who keep freight moving, office and shop employees who support the business, and dedicated customers who rely on TMC for their deliveries. Putting all the logistical pieces together to make it run smoothly is both science and art. But at the heart of the entire operation, it runs off the work ethic and determination of the people involved.

In 50 years, TMC has worked through national tragedy, recessions, and the recent pandemic. In those times, Mr. Annett considered how these events impacted employees and customers. Instilling a culture of pride, excellence, and hard work into his people has paid off. Even during challenging times, employees have pushed through. Due to this exchange of loyalty and passion for the long-term success of TMC, Mr. Annett created an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, giving ownership back to the employees.


"I know the only way to make sure our culture survives, and our company continues to thrive, is to put the ownership into the hands of the people who appreciate it the most, you, my friends, and employees. You have worked, and continue to work, side by side with me, to build one of the absolute best trucking companies in the industry and you deserve it. So, I am putting my trust in all of you and establishing an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which means TMC will become an employee-owned company," Mr. Annett shared in an email to employees, dated October 9th, 2013.

In addition to the core carrier business, TMC opened a Logistics Division in 2010. Diversification of its capabilities through this endeavor has proven to be a great benefit to TMC and the additional customer base it has created. Since that time, several offices have opened across the country in Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, South Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin. “Through our Logistics Division, we have been able to expand transportation solutions to more customers by being able to move just about any kind of freight for them, in addition to the flatbed capabilities that are the hallmark of our asset business. With 70% of Logistics freight being flatbed, we can fill the basket full of freight and move it with our company trucks, as well as with partner carriers,” shared Travis Johnson, EVP of Operations.

The goal for TMC is to not only hold fast to the success brought through the past 50 years but to continue to grow into the future. Freight demand remains strong and, therefore, the need for truck drivers is at an all-time high. Career opportunities abound in the transportation industry and TMC seeks to attract employees to increase its success in the areas of Diesel Technology, Information Technology, Logistics/Supply Chain Management, Sales, Marketing, Recruiting, and many other areas of practice. With onsite training and development programs continuing to expand, this is an opportune time for those interested in entering the industry. TMC extends an invitation for candidates to discover if TMC fits their interests and join the continued pursuit of excellence.