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‘An Opportunity to Express Our Gratitude': Driver Appreciation Week at TMC's Joplin Terminal  

on Thursday, September 14, 2023 in Company News

Located in southwestern Missouri, TMC’s Joplin terminal is a bustling hub that serves drivers on routes throughout the southeastern United States and beyond. During Driver Appreciation Week, it becomes an oasis where drivers can stop for a meal and a thank-you. 

Joplin’s Driver Appreciation Week celebration wouldn’t be the same without fleet manager Glenda Miller, who goes out of her way to make the festivities special for drivers who find themselves near the terminal. 

“This is a very exciting time of year for me,” Glenda says. “I want to make sure every driver is recognized.” 

For Glenda, this starts first thing Monday morning of Driver Appreciation Week, when she makes biscuits and gravy for the drivers. She also sets up a table where drivers can pick up Driver Appreciation Week t-shirts, snacks, to-go meals, or comfort items throughout the week to make their time on the road a little easier. 

“We, as individuals and as a company, want to recognize these incredible people—our drivers—who work to deliver goods safely and on time. It’s an opportunity to express our gratitude,” she says. “I try to see every driver who comes through the terminal, shake their hand, and say thank you.” 

Throughout the week, office and shop workers in Joplin are encouraged to invite drivers to lunch while they are passing through the terminal, to have an opportunity to chat with them and thank them for their hard work. Glenda herself makes an effort to go visit drivers she doesn’t get to see very often, and she sends out messages to invite any TMC driver within 200 miles to stop by the Joplin terminal for lunch or dinner. 

Glenda enjoys decorating the Joplin terminal and truly making Driver Appreciation Week into a fun celebration for everyone who comes through the office, but she also sees it as an important chance to thank TMC’s drivers for the tough work they do, through simple gestures of gratitude. 

“It’s about giving back for what our drivers do for us,” Glenda says. “They do a lot for us. A lot of people don’t understand how long drivers are away from home, how long their days are. It’s a tough job; not everyone can do it. It requires dedication. I appreciate everything they do for us.”