Meet Marcy Fisher, 86 Year old Driver Trainer at TMC

on Thursday, April 21, 2022 in Company News

Marcy Fisher is one of the driver instructors at TMC’s training facility in Ankeny, Iowa. She rides along with drivers-in-training, teaching them to become truck drivers and focuses on a multitude of driving skills. Marcy grew up in Southern Iowa on a farm. She saw an opportunity to quit farming and get out on the road, so in 1981 Marcy and her husband headed out in their own truck. Marcy and her husband trucked for 10 years together. They were owner-operators and as time went on, they added a few trucks to their fleet. After Marcy’s husband passed away, she decided to stay out on the road by herself and continued trucking for 18 more years.

After decades on the road, Marcy decided to come off the road and began a career in training. She came to TMC in 2000 and helped manage the ‘backing range’ for 5 years. Marcy still had a desire to be on the road and found an opportunity where she could help in the training yard one day a week, spending the rest of her time riding with student drivers on the road. After driving a truck for 18 years and nearly 22 more working for TMC in the training department, Marcy’s great knowledge of the industry is great to have around for inexperienced drivers. “If my health keeps up, I’ll continue working; I see no point in stopping,” says Marcy.

Do you have a favorite part about TMC? “I like the people I work with; my boss Joe Chance was 29 years old when I started, he’s now 49! I get so much enjoyment from being with the students. Many students I’ve trained will return to the yard after they get their truck to say ‘hello’ and to thank me.”

If someone is thinking of becoming a truck driver, what advice do you have for them? “TMC is the best place to go. There are so many companies out there. But we have ESOP*. Nobody else gives away money like that. You drive good equipment, get ESOP money, all you have to do is pay for your food.”

What challenges do you face being a female in the trucking industry? “It’s never been a problem; I show respect to get respect and I always do. Sometimes guys don’t like guys telling them what to do. So being a female is helpful.”

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? “As long as I can work, I’m going to. I don’t have to work; I work because I want to. It’s something to do and I enjoy helping people.” *ESOP = Employee Stock Ownership Program.

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