National Intern Appreciation Day 2023

on Friday, July 28, 2023 in Company News

intern cookout

A group of TMC interns were treated to a cookout and recognized with awards at the TMC Student Training Center on Thursday. Interns at local businesses within the Iowa State Research Park were invited to take part in the event. Despite hot temperatures, the crowd gathered to chat and play yard games. Interns at other TMC locations – Columbia, SC, Brownsburg, IN, and Bentonville, AR – enjoyed similar activities. 
TMC recognizes the important role that internships play in our workforce. Students learn concepts through their studies, but it is when they can put those principles into practice that real connections happen. Graduates often lament over the barrier of required experience when searching for their first job opportunity. They need experience to get the job, but until they land a job, they can’t build that experience. Internships offer a solution to this dilemma.

“TMC has had an internship program for over thirty years but it's only in the last six years that we have focused so heavily on growing it. The relationships that we have built with multiple universities and the quality of internships that are both educational and fun, make TMC a much sought after company for students. TMC's focus on quality, integrity, and continuous improvement help students learn about themselves while at the same time learning about the industry. Our office culture and our business ethics are second to none and this is something that is valued and appreciated,” shared Kenneth Kyle, VP of Education & Campus Collaboration.
Companies like TMC benefit from fresh perspectives and contributions of interns. Many of our tenured employees began their careers at TMC through internships. Operations, Sales, Load Planning, Logistics, IT, and others support the internship program.

Intern Appreciation Day 2023