Nicholas Johnson's Love for TMC Transportation

on Friday, February 12, 2021 in Company News

nicholasjohnson“A vision without action is merely a dream,” Nicholas Johnson said. Johnson has been driving for TMC Transportation since November of 2019. The Hopkins, South Carolina native, prioritizes maximizing his time, which has been beneficial to all his successes.

The 24-year-old grew up with a father who drove trucks since he was “knee high to a grasshopper.” From a young age, his dad has taught him how to do things the right way, which has been an extra motivator for him while being out on the road. Johnson began working as a Diesel Mechanic right out of high school. With his energetic personality, he felt it was a good fit for him. He already knew he wanted to drive trucks in the future and decided it would be an advantage to be able to diagnose issues himself.

There was never a question of what kind of truck he wanted to drive. He knew he was meant to drive a flatbed. Knowing he was an active, energetic person who likes to be moving, this was the best fit for him. Any driving job requires quite a bit of sitting but driving flatbed allows him to move at stops when strapping on his new load. The 24-year-old wanted to see something different every day, while still staying in shape.

To say he has experienced success in the short amount of time he’s been here is an understatement. Johnson was ranked #1 on his Fleet Manager’s board, #1 on the team boards, and #12 within all of TMC’s Linehaul Division. He learned at a young age the kind of sacrifices you have to make to be successful in the Trucking Industry. Although TMC drivers typically go home on weekends, Johnson takes pride in staying out on the road for three-four weeks at a time and using his advantages.

“Nicholas attributes his success by managing his time and keeping himself, his truck, and others safe on the road. Nicholas is professional with customers and communicates in a timely manner to his Fleet Manager. Being proactive has helped Nicholas keep himself moving, generating more revenue to the truck. Nicholas does a great job at TMC and we are fortunate to have him on the team,” said Jessica Farris, Johnson’s Fleet Manager.

Johnson has no specific place he prefers to travel to, but he does enjoy being able to stop in big cities. While he is stopped for a couple days at a time, he usually takes an Uber ride to a nearby gym and then finds a place to watch football. He is a fan of the Washington Football Team and the Oregon Ducks. Sundays are usually his days for polishing the truck tanks and wheels as he takes pride in his sharp-looking TMC truck.

The TMC driver tries to get home at least once a month, and prefers to get home on Thursdays as often as possible. He handles any personal business on Fridays and spends some time on the weekend getting his truck cleaned up and ready to roll again. The passion Johnson has for TMC Transportation and driving trucks is truly admirable and we are so thankful for the tremendous work he puts in each day.