The Science of Understanding People: How TMC is Using Personality Assessment To Improve Driver Retention

on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 in Company News

TMC's driver training center has begun utilizing Professional DynaMetric Programs or PDP with all of its new hires.

During orientation, drivers are given a simple, 60-question assessment. The assessment takes less than 10 minutes and generates an in-depth analysis of that person’s unique personality traits, communication style, strengths, stresses and more.

“People are truly amazed at how accurate and individualized the assessment is,” says Stacey Sickmiller, training and development coordinator. “Following the assessment each driver receives a one-on-one mentoring session that goes through the results. During this session, they gain an understanding of their communication style and how it impacts the way they interact with people. We are able to identify their strengths and how these strengths can be utilized in their new job. ”

In addition, all of TMC’s driver trainers and fleet managers have taken the assessment and been provided training on the PDP traits.

When a driver trainer or fleet manager is assigned a new driver they receive a quick-view profile report on the driver that outlines tips on how to communicate with that person, things to avoid and some basic personality traits.

“We know how important the relationship between a driver and a fleet manager is to retention,” says Glen McCravy, Executive Vice President of Risk Management and Human Resources. “If we can ensure good communication between the fleet manager and the driver right from the start, we can build stronger relationships, increase job satisfaction and build success. ”

In the future, TMC plans to use the data they have gained from PDP to help determine the most successful fleet manager and driver pairings based on complementing PDP traits.