TMC Cares: VP Finds Where a Career and Life Mission Intersect

on Thursday, September 30, 2021 in Company News

Since 1994 Jeff Floyd has logged hours of hard work at TMC Transportation. His career with the company took him from driver trainee to Regional Vice President of Business Development. But rather than unwinding, Floyd spends many of his weekends keeping up his hard work.

“I have been blessed in my career at TMC, and you don’t have to have a career, but you need a mission,” said Floyd.

Floyd’s mission plays out over weekends, building playsets for children battling pediatric cancer with the Roc Solid Foundation. Founded in 2009 by Floyd’s neighbor, the Roc Solid Foundation makes custom playsets in the backyards of kids fighting cancer across the United States.

“My family is riddled with cancer, and this is a way to connect my mission. This married my mission with things my family has suffered with. I just want to help and serve whether they are my neighbors or across the country,” said Floyd.

Every year Floyd uses a week of his vacation hours to volunteer on builds. He said the work allows him to see what hope looks likes.

“It may just be a playset to me or others, but to these families, it means a lot. They can’t go other places,” he said. “When a kid plays, they aren’t thinking about cancer, needles, nurses, all of that.”


Over 150 playsets are now up, thanks to the Roc Solid Foundation and volunteers like Floyd. He said he is thankful his career with TMC allows him to be able to give back.

“TMC took a chance on me, and I want to pay it forward,” Floyd said. “Somebody helped me get to where I am at. People have taken chances on me in my youth and in my career, and this is a way to help others.”

Besides building playsets, the Roc Solid Foundation creates and supplies patient’s families with Ready Bags. Ready Bags include everything a family might need for an unexpected hospital stay. Floyd says the foundation hopes to provide 2,000 Ready Bags this year.

Floyd encourages TMC employees and their families to look for opportunities to give back, including through the Roc Solid Foundation.

“Every single one of these kids leaves a thumbprint on my heart and changes your outlook on the days. Seeing really how short life is,” he said.

If you or your TMC department are interested in supporting a build by volunteering or donating, more information can be found here.