TMC Celebrates 2021 ESOP Reveal

on Tuesday, May 3, 2022 in Company News

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TMC Announces 2021 Share Price!

In a year when TMC is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, more exciting news was announced to drivers and staff this week. During the company’s 9th year under the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), TMC saw its most significant growth yet. TMC became Employee-Owned in October 2013. CEO and Founder, Harrold Annett, had a desire to establish a succession plan that maintains the culture of TMC while rewarding employees for their dedication. All eligible employees are part-owners at no cost to them through ESOP.

Over the last 9 years, TMC has shown growth each year. While the smallest growth TMC has shown was 11% in 2018, TMC has had multiple years where the growth per share is staggering, including 2017 with a growth of 30% and 2014 with a growth of 44%. While the death of CEO, Harrold Annett in 2021 lead to shares being redistributed among employees, it is not uncommon for TMC to see drastic growth year in and year out.

In 2021 TMC had a 60% growth per share ($6,516 per share) the largest increase yet. This was extremely exciting for TMC employees to see. From where the share price started in 2013, we have seen over 500% growth. TMC often refers to this as “free money.” The ESOP balances many employees have been able to accumulate over the last 9 years reach in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. TMC is very proud to be an employee-owned company and looks forward to many more years of growth in the future.

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