on Friday, October 22, 2021 in Company News

In its continued pursuit of excellence in driving digital transformation in the transportation and logistics industry, TMC is excited to announce its collaboration with Mastery, led by industry expert, Jeff Silver, to implement MasterMind® TMS, a world-class transportation and logistics ecosystem. The partnership will allow TMC to improve supply chain efficiencies, solve complex logistics problems, and emphasize quality collaboration between TMC's employees, industry partners, and customers to execute industry-leading services.  MasterMind® TMS harnesses the unique complexities of people, processes, and data to create a symbiotic relationship for efficiency and ease of use for TMC's customers, carriers, and suppliers.

Proudly employee-owned, TMC Transportation is the nation's premier open-deck flatbed carrier, known for providing solutions to unique transportation challenges. TMC utilizes the best drivers and high-quality equipment, maintaining an impeccable safety record and on-time delivery to customers. In addition to open-deck freight, TMC Logistics offers a broad selection of services including box, refrigerated, and intermodal capabilities.

Using technology to provide this level of service requires continuous assessment and improvement, creating effortless ways to communicate with customers, drivers, and carriers. TMC's investment in MasterMind® TMS will modernize processes, increase efficiencies, and continue the culture of excellence in service for which TMC is well-known. Implementation will commence immediately with integration into TMC's overall enterprise architecture strategy.


"We are eager to partner with Mastery and integrate their innovative TMS capabilities. At TMC, optimizing the processes that serve our customers is a significant objective as the industry adapts to the ever-changing technological climate. With Mastery Logistics Systems on board, we will have the opportunity to enhance customer service and overall productivity with multi-faceted, on-demand solutions throughout all lines of business," said Travis Johnson, EVP Operations.

 "Our team is excited to bring TMC Transportation onto Mastermind® as a leading logistics provider. Their approach to growth and collaboration will foster continued innovation for us both during a crucial time in the industry." Jeff Silver, Founder and CEO, Mastery Logistics Systems, Inc.