TMC Offers Pay Increase for Drivers in Critical States

on Friday, December 11, 2020 in Company News

Michigan Immediately Hiring Pay Raise Increase Sign on Bonus Near Me TMC

DES MOINES, Iowa, December, 2020 – Freight availability and demand for truck drivers in some midwestern states continues to increase. Customers want assurance that carriers are able to meet capacity to keep their products moving. Consequently, carriers are clamoring to bring in more drivers to keep loads moving.

What many in the industry are calling a crisis is, in effect, a situation with a positive ramification for drivers in these critical-need states. TMC Transportation is offering a pay incentive to attract more drivers. TMC Drivers who live in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan will be guaranteed a minimum of 30% of each load. This includes new drivers as well as existing drivers.

With TMC’s percentage pay program, drivers from all hiring areas have the opportunity to earn up to 34% of each load. Although new drivers typically begin at 26%, with the new incentive, drivers living in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan will now begin at 30%, and not drop below that threshold. Additionally, due to the volume of freight in these areas, drivers are rarely sitting and waiting long for their next load.

“Drivers who want to stay busy really benefit from the opportunity of this freight demand. We are pleased to keep our drivers moving with excellent earning potential,” says Cheryl Freauff, Vice President of Recruiting. “During a year of uncertainties for all of us, we are glad be able to still offer profitable jobs to drivers.”


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