TMC Participates in Special Olympics of Iowa Truck Convoy

on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 in Company News

On Saturday, October 21, TMC once again had the honor of participating in the annual World’s Largest Truck Convoy, a benefit put on by Special Olympics of Iowa.

The starting point for the event was on the SW Connector, just off of Veterans Parkway in Des Moines. We had 30 TMC Black & Chrome trucks that participated in the convoy, plus a few more drivers and trainees that were along for the ride. In true, timely fashion, TMC was the first to line up. Seeing the line of shiny black and chrome Peterbilts was a sight unlike any other, and the pride of TMC was on full display! Drivers from other companies all over the state soon followed.

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TMC’s Recruiting Department provided coffee and donuts at registration. Once everyone was checked-in and the Iowa DOT gave a briefing on Driver Safety, the first three positions in the convoy were auctioned off. This was a big year for TMC, as we secured the first spot in the convoy with a bid of $4000, all of which goes directly to the Special Olympics of Iowa.

Million Mile driver, Eric Waltert, took the position at the front of the line to lead the convoy of over 100 trucks that all came together to support the cause.

Five of our drivers had the opportunity to share their trucks with Special Olympic athletes. Each raved about their experience. The athletes commented that they enjoyed jamming out to music with their drivers, blowing the air horn, and waving to people that they passed.

The event was wrapped up at the Iowa State Fairgrounds with a celebration for athletes, drivers, and volunteers.

We want to thank the following TMC drivers and their families for their hard work, dedication, and participation in this year’s convoy. Many of them sacrificed time at home with their families, and others had their families flown in from across the country for the event! These drivers spent countless hours in the appearance bay on Friday night and into the wee hours of Saturday morning making sure that their trucks were in tip top shape for the event. Additionally, we want to thank our dedicated staff in our tractor and trailer shops, appearance bays, and load securement facilities for lending a helping hand!

Brandon Speck
Carl Gibson
Claude (Anthony) Brown
Curtis Cole
Daniel & Venus Koch
David Contestabile
Edward Dolsen Jr.
Eric Waltert
Gary Cooper
James Ashton
James Turner
Jesse Edwards III & Jennifer Edwards
Jesse Galbraith
Johnny Kaczmarczyk
Jonathon Crump
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Smith
Justin Hinkley
Kyle Bailey
Lynn Mundahl
Matt Officer
Matt Szalay
Natividad (Jake) Velasquez
Robert Boettner
Robert Wilcox
Scott Langager
Shawn McGuirk
Tommy Racine
Tony Kimmerly

Interested in donating to the Special Olympics of Iowa? Click here for more information.

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