Marty Ott Honored as 2018 Recipient

on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 in Company News

TMC’s Best of the Best Gather for Annual Wheel Master Meeting
Marty Ott Honored as 2018 Recipient

TMC’s annual Wheel Master Meeting took place Saturday, March 23rd at TMC’s headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa. The meeting brought in Wheel Masters both past and present, and also served as a platform to induct the newest Wheel Master into the prestigious order.

Marty Ott was honored as the 2018 Wheel Master. Having 16 years of service and nearly 2 million safe driving miles, humbly accepted the award before a room of his peers and TMC management.

The annual award is the highest driver honor given at TMC, and was created as a way to recognize the best of the best in an already remarkable fleet of drivers. Each year, a driver is honored with the Wheel Master distinction based on years of service with the company, safe driving record and overall quality of performance. Marty’s positive attitude, hard work, and dedication to his Black and Chrome family over the years has earned him this notable distinction.

truck driver wheel master achievement award experienced driving flatbedThe Pittsburgh native says he was born for the road. Marty comes from a long line of over-the-road truck drivers, and when he came to TMC back in 2003, he found his niche. Marty continues to embrace the lifestyle, describing himself as a hands on, “in the trench” type of guy. He worked in construction for several years before getting into trucking. He finds the challenges the job brings, whether it be the terrain, the weather, or the diversity of loads, makes it rewarding.

Marty was named Driver of the Second Quarter in 2016. In addition to being an exceptional individual, Marty also lends a hand in shaping the future of TMC as a driver trainer. For the last 12 years, Marty has been teaching incoming TMC drivers the ropes to the flatbed industry. He encourages his drivers to work smarter - not harder, and to make the best out of every situation. He is a self-proclaimed jokester and is always trying to put a smile on his trainees’ faces.

Marty sums up the key to being a successful TMC driver in one word: repetition. “Every day do the best you can,” he says. “Don’t think about the past. Live in the present and look toward the future. Always keep an open mind, and remember that ‘it is what it is’ is one thing, but what you make it is another. Once you’ve mastered that, you can make every step count and be as efficient as possible.”

When asked what his most notable memory in his driving career was, Marty replied, “this moment right here,” as he stood in a room full of the best of the best at TMC.

Des Moines Wheel Master TMC Transportation Tenure Award

Left to right: Cory Jaeger, Fleet Manager; Marty Ott; Kyle Miller, Operations Manager

"I remember standing in front of the Wheel Master wall in Des Moines while I was just a driver in training and wondering what it took for those drivers to get there,” says Marty. “I never thought my photo would be up there one day. Though this is the highest achievement a TMC driver can attain, it doesn’t stop here. I will strive to set an example for future driver generations and continuously improve upon myself.”

From Wheel Masters with over three decades of tenure, to our newest inductee, Marty Ott, those in attendance have racked up an astounding 53,715,771 safe driving miles and 467 safe years.

Back row, left to right: Alan Wiegard, Kevin Dinsdale, Brian Eley, Louis Steele II, Matt Bohl, Mark Skeen, Marvin Hayes, Danny Cagle, Derek Boykin, Larry Brown, Mike LaVigne
Front row, left to right: Roger Dannen, Dick Wyatt Jr., John Wheeler, Russ Allen, Harrold Annett, Marty Ott, Herb House, Les Bohlken, George Calore, Jeff Wisgerhof

“The Wheel Master Meeting is something I look forward to every year,” said Harrold Annett, TMC’s Founder and CEO. “This group of drivers is the epitome of our mission, ‘Destination: Excellence’. I appreciate their friendship and commitment to TMC, and I enjoy seeing the group grow with each year’s deserving inductee.”

In addition to the quality time together, the group enjoyed a great lunch and plenty of laughter. At this meeting, there are no job titles, just a group of friends who respect one another and enjoy each other’s company. Once again, congratulations to our deserving recipient, Marty Ott, for acquiring the most esteemed title awarded at TMC.