TMC Peterbilt truck on the road

On Earth Day, We're Celebrating Our Commitment to Sustainability

on Monday, April 22, 2024 in Company News

All of us at TMC take very seriously our responsibility to be good stewards of natural resources and a positive force for change in our industry and our communities. And in keeping with our company’s spirit of continuous improvement, we always strive to do better—on Earth Day and every day.

How We Incorporate Sustainability into Our Business

We’re proud of the steps we’re taking on a daily basis to use resources wisely and reduce our impact on the environment, including:

  • Helping our drivers maximize fuel efficiency. Our fleet managers coach drivers on their driving habits so that they can increase their gas mileage and decrease their idle time and out-of-route miles. This helps them reduce their overall fuel consumption and improve fuel efficiency.
  • Putting an industry-leading fleet on the road. Our Black and Chrome fleet is made up of some of the most efficient, up-to-date trucks on the road, designed to use fuel as wisely as possible. What’s more, we invest in proactive maintenance practices to make sure that our trucks are always running at their best.
  • Building facilities with sustainability in mind. Our offices and shops are built with energy-saving practices, including LED lighting and insulted concrete panels. We also include significant green spaces and natural landscaping around our facilities to provide shade and temperature regulation.
  • Using resources wisely. Did you know we reuse oil to heat our shop floors and power the boilers for our truck wash water? Or that we repair our tarps whenever possible instead of replacing them? Or that we utilize a paperless driver pay system to reduce our paper use? In every aspect of our business, we use resources carefully and thoughtfully—and we’re always looking for new ways to reduce our consumption.
  • Earning SmartWay certification every year since 2008. The EPA’s SmartWay certification is an industry-wide program that helps carriers measure, benchmark, and improve freight transportation efficiency. We’re proud to say that we’ve been SmartWay certified for 15 years, demonstrating our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

At TMC, we take proactive steps to reduce our use of natural resources and do business sustainably. We’re proud to be good stewards of natural resources and good citizens in the communities where we carry freight. Happy Earth Day from TMC!