TMC's Program Provides Aspiring Diesel Technicians the Skills to Succeed

on Monday, November 9, 2020 in Company News

Diesel Technology Apprenticeship TMC Transportation On-the-job Training Working a trade is becoming increasingly attractive to young professionals entering the workforce. Developing a trade grants access to a labor pool that is in high demand. These trades pay well, and have a critical role in keeping daily life moving. Diesel Technology is a trade many young professionals have found tremendous success in. These skilled technicians support America's supply chain by keeping our hard working drivers out on the road. Quality apprenticeships make jumpstarting a career in Diesel Technology easier than ever.

TMC Transportation is looking for aspiring diesel technicians to begin their careers with our Apprenticeship Program. TMC partners with two community colleges - DMACC (Des Moines, IA) and Lincoln Tech (Brownsburg, IN). Buddy, a DMACC alumni, began TMC's Apprenticeship Program in 2003. He has since worked his way up to being one of the best technicians in the Des Moines shop.

Diesel Technicians perform maintenance repairs on tractors/trailers that come into our shops. This job involves a mix of both preventative and in-depth work. Preventative maintenance includes changing oil, filters, brakes, and tires. More in-depth repairs include electrical work and welding. The job is different every day, according to Buddy. Daily operations consist of whatever repairs or maintenance the driver needs to get their truck on the road. 

Buddy began his Apprenticeship working in the Service department of the shop. Apprentices start out by learning basic responsibilities, alongside one of TMC's skilled Diesel Technicians. Most of the repairs and maintenance in this department are for scheduled appointments. Apprentices perfect their basic skills, such checking oil or changing filters. 

As their career with TMC progresses, Apprentices begin to take on other jobs in the shop. Buddy has been with TMC for 17 years, and works in the Express department. This department is for unplanned stops that require more experience to repair. Buddy works with drivers to develop a repair plan. Once a plan is decided on, the Diesel Technicians work diligently to get the truck back on the road. Although he would not describe his job as stressful, Buddy believes that the most successful technicians are dedicated to getting the job done. 

New technicians are always learning with the help of TMC's shop employees. Apprentices work a minimum of ten hours during the week. The shops are open twenty-four hours, allowing flexible scheduling with Apprentices' school schedules. Buddy had school during the day, so he was able to come into the shop in the early evenings to develop his trade alongside a trainer. Along with flexible scheduling and on-the-job training, Apprentices achieve receive financial support from TMC. Apprentices earn a paycheck for their time in the shop, as well as immediate tuition reimbursement. Apprentices must have good attendance, passing grades, and academic progress to qualify for reimbursement. 

Partnering with community colleges makes launching a career in Diesel Technology easier than ever. On-the-job training allows TMC's Apprentices to immerse themselves in this specialized trade. The skill set technicians acquire make for an incredibly rewarding career. For more information, please contact Jennifer DeArmond at 800-247-2460 ext. #7825 or Crystal Grout at 800-247-2460 ext. #3982.