Wellness Wednesday: Working Out

on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 in Company News

Finding time to work out during the week can be a challenge for drivers. TMC driver Bryan Celestine is an avid fan of fitness and health. For this week's Wellness Wednesday, he spoke to us about why he makes working out a priority.

“If something is important to you, you make the time for it. Working out is my lifestyle and I live by it,” Celestine said.

“The results and the way I feel physically and mentally makes it worth the while. I work out every day. It’s not easy, but it’s important to me and I know it affects the way I feel.”

Celestine said making time to work out not only helps him stay healthy but makes his workday easier.

“Working for TMC is second to none. We are out here and it’s easy to drink caffeine, eat garbage food, and not work out. By maintaining my health and fitness, I maximize my pay, I run (his truck) 500-700 miles a day and I feel strong the entire time,” he said.

“I pass my physical exams with flying colors and I’m able to play football and soccer with my kids and give them 100% when I’m at home. That’s important to me.”

TMC Driver Bryan Celestine and his daughter.

Activities like lifting weights or running are not the only ways to fit in a good workout. Celestine said he can find a way to work out through activities like maintaining his truck.

“I drive the cleanest truck in the fleet. I love taking care of it. It’s a 310 wheel-based truck that matches the way I carry myself and what’s important to me. I live in the moment and I use every moment as an opportunity to improve myself whether it’s physically or mentally,” he said.

TMC Driver Bryan Celestine's truck.

Celestine posts health and fitness videos online. He said he receives a lot of positive feedback, but some people are not as receptive.

“Not everyone has a positive reaction. Some people hate themselves and it irks them that I have this ego that keeps me accountable to myself,” he said.

Years after posting his first workout video, he has no plans to stop.

“I still look the same way I did seven years ago when I posted that first video. It all comes from my heart and I know life is harder when I don’t exercise. It lowers my stress level,” he said.

Celestine took a break from helping another driver back in their truck to chat with us for this interview. He said he takes any opportunity to do positive things for others. It’s just as important as doing positive things for yourself.