Internation Roadcheck 2024

What You Need to Know About International Roadcheck 2024

on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 in Company News

Today marks the start of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck, also known as Blitz Week. Blitz Week is a three-day period of increased commercial motor vehicle inspections across the United States to ensure that drivers are meeting the Department of Transportation’s safety standards.

Driving safely and in compliance with all applicable regulations is how we do business at TMC. While Blitz Week may bring more inspections, we know our drivers are prepared for this extra scrutiny.

What is Blitz Week?

Blitz Week focuses on making sure that commercial vehicles are operating safely on the road. During this 72-hour period, law enforcement personnel certified by the CVSA will inspect commercial vehicles and drivers throughout the US at weigh stations and checkpoints, as well as through mobile patrols.

What Are the Focus Areas for 2024 Blitz Week?

Each year, Blitz Week emphasizes different areas to draw attention to important aspects of safe driving. This year, the two areas of focus are tractor protection systems and alcohol and controlled substance possession.

That means that 2024’s Blitz Week will not only include the North American Standard Level I Inspection (a 37-step process that looks at vehicle components and driver certification and documentation), but the inspector will also check the driver’s status in the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse and ensure that the driver is not under the influence and does not have alcohol or controlled substances in the cab or trailer. In addition, the inspector will do a series of checks on the tractor protection valve, trailer supply valve, and anti-bleed back valve.

How Does Blitz Week Impact Drivers?

For commercial drivers, Blitz Week can be a stressful time. It’s estimated that, on average, 15 trucks are inspected every minute during this 72-hour period. And nearly 19 percent of these inspections industry-wide discover an out-of-service violation that leads to the vehicle being removed from the road. Drivers who are placed out of service can face a loss of income, as well as costs and delays to fix the issues the inspector finds.

For drivers who pass the Roadcheck inspection, this time of increased enforcement can still have a significant impact. Being pulled over for an inspection can delay drivers and affect their ability to reach their destination on time.

How Are TMC Drivers Preparing for Blitz Week?

TMC is known for our dedication to safety and our industry-leading driver training program, so our drivers are always ready for an inspection. Our drivers do a thorough pre-trip check so that they can spot any potential issues with their trucks and get them fixed before they’re stopped by an inspector during Blitz Week. We also provide guidance for drivers to help them prepare for inspections.

But even though our drivers are prepared to pass the Roadcheck inspection, the extra time they spend with inspectors can still affect their route planning and their delivery timelines. TMC’s fleet managers keep in close contact with drivers during Blitz Week to make certain that we’re meeting all commitments to our customers during this unusual time of year.

TMC Is Committed to Safety—Year-Round

Blitz Week is one way that the commercial transportation industry shows its commitment to keeping the roads safe. At TMC, our drivers keep safety in mind every day—during Roadcheck and beyond.