Truck Drivers Find Success with TMC's Company Sponsored Training

on Thursday, January 14, 2021 in Recruiting & Training

The TMC Orientation program has always stood out when compared to other carriers, many of whom have programs as short as just a couple of days. TMC truly cares about your success and long-term employment. We are here to help you get started, and to be an ongoing support to your driving career. It really is that simple!

During Orientation, drivers learn about company policies, practice driving maneuvers, and receive an in-depth, hands-on load securement program that teaches how to safely secure and protect cargo during transport. Driver Orientation also includes an equipment familiarization program that introduces drivers to our latest-model Peterbilt trucks and trailers. 

TMC Wants You to Reach Your Full Potential

TMC is an open-freight carrier or more commonly known as flatbed. Therefore, it takes more in-depth knowledge to operate a flatbed than it does for many other driving positions. A flatbed driver must know where to place the load, how to properly secure that load from movement and to satisfy DOT regulations, and how to properly protect that load from the elements (rain, wind, hail, etc.) These skills require time and special instruction, which in turn add onto the time required in Orientation.

Beware of programs that throw you behind the wheel within a few days. While the initial training is quick, this leads many drivers to a dead end. TMC will provide you with load securement training in Orientation along with placing you with a quality driver for 2-4 weeks to help give you hands-on training with loading and securing flatbed freight. TMC provides all the tools needed to set you up for a safe and successful career and makes sure each driver has full confidence in their valuable skills before hitting the road.

TMC Values Your Career

Any rewarding career will begin with a good foundation; skilled tradespersons such as carpenters, electricians, or pipe-fitters require knowledge and training specific to their trade, and a flatbed truck driver is no different. TMC chooses to invest extra time and resources to help you become a successful, professional driver.

Being a safe and well-trained driver will build a sense of satisfaction within your career. On top of the pride our drivers take in their work, many of our drivers advance throughout the company. In some areas, we have dedicated, and even local routes to offer our drivers after some time on our fleet. We would not have such a robust and prosperous fleet without a thorough orientation and training process.

TMC Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Being a flatbed driver is less common – only one in ten drivers are trained in flatbed, industry-wide. It is without a doubt that your role as a flatbed truck driver contributes to a powerful segment of America’s economy, and TMC thinks you should be compensated accordingly. TMC’s Orientation and Training Team works to give you as many tools as possible to maximize your income. Experienced driver trainers will show you the key ingredients to our Percentage Pay Program in Orientation. Being in charge of your performance-based pay gives you the advantage to make more money faster than other drivers in the industry. Beyond Orientation and Training, you will receive reinforcement with continuous education. TMC’s fleet management is always working to help you reach your goals and maximize your income.

We know you have many employment opportunities in trucking, but we hope you give TMC an honest look. We are in this for the long haul, so come join and call the Black & Chrome fleet home as so many drivers do now!

To learn more about the TMC Orientation and Training program for recent graduates, click here and for more information about our Training program for experienced drivers, click here.

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