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From the CEO

TMC CEO Harrold Annett Reputation Hard-Working Quality Driven Trucking CompanyWelcome to TMC! I want to introduce you to our company - some of the finest drivers, the best home office staff, the latest equipment, most advanced technology, and the most modern facilities in the trucking industry.

I also want you to know about our total commitment to quality - a process we have formalized at TMC. The program emphasizes process management and improvement, waste reduction, customer satisfaction and statistical process control. Our goal is to meet specific quality assurance standards - something our customers appreciate and look for in a carrier.

Continuous quality improvement is a way of life at TMC. Our solid base of long-term shipping clientele give credence to our reputation as a hard-working, honest, quality-driven trucking company.

Our executive vice presidents, who are in the prime of their careers, have many years of experience in the trucking industry. This wealth of experience flows through the entire organization from drivers to fleet managers, office employees to shop employees. Our first employee remained with us until retirement; our first owner-operator stayed with the company until retirement 12 and a half years later, and we continue doing business with our first customer. I feel very fortunate to have such talented, good people as my co-workers. It is my hope that by getting to know TMC and each of our divisions, you will be encouraged to pursue further contact with us so we can evaluate your shipping needs and plan the best way to meet them. Again, "Welcome" - Welcome to TMC!

Harrold W. Annett
Chairman & CEO