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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Giving

We are fortunate at TMC to have experienced success in business for 50 years, and we feel that our good fortune should be reciprocated. Each year we support organizations within our communities that focus on health, children, and military veterans. In addition, TMC and its employees are committed to supporting one another through the Family Assistance Fund (FAF). FAF began over two decades ago to support employees who experienced a hardship situation. Today, TMC and FAF offer several programs that help and celebrate our TMC families. Below are just a few of the organizations we are proud to support.

Environmental Stewardship

TMC has great respect for the security of our customers' freight and the well-being of our country and environment. TMC is committed to decreasing its carbon footprint. TMC has taken the following steps to improve fuel efficiency: 


The TMC Transportation Code of Ethics and Business Conduct reinforces our commitment to doing business in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards. The Code sets forth general principles on key integrity issues and guides associates in upholding our ethical commitment.

TMC Code of Conduct and Business Conduct

TMC has partnered with our suppliers and vendors to support the ETI base code. This code reflects our commitment to ethical trade by improving the working conditions of our employees and those that supply the products we haul. 

Human Rights Statement

TMC Transportation is committed to respecting human rights and conducting business ethically and with integrity. We have a duty to protect human rights by seeking to avoid infringing on the rights of others and working to address adverse human rights impacts with which we are involved. TMC is also committed to promoting human rights in all of our operations. We strive to foster safe, inclusive, and respectful workplaces, including building and maintaining sustainable work environments where discrimination and harassment are not tolerated.  We expect employees, partners, suppliers, and customers to share this commitment to ensure our business respects and promotes human rights of the people with whom, and the communities in which, we do business.