Flatbed Truck Driver Salary & Pay Scale

At TMC we believe people should be paid based on how well they perform, rather than just how long they have been with the company. That does not mean we do not value longevity. We do and we reward that as well. Our performance percentage pay option was designed by TMC drivers. They wanted their paychecks to primarily reflect the quantity and quality of the work they did.

Percentage Pay

Our drivers earn between $0.48 – $0.62¢ / mile
*Plus additional pay and esop




  • Tarp pay
  • Breakdown pay
  • Layover pay
  • Referral bonuses
  • Stop pay
  • Toll & Scale passes
  • Detention pay
  • Borough pay
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Over-dimensional load pay
  • Vacation pay
  • Sign-on bonuses

This option pays you a percentage of what the company is paid by the shipper to haul their load. Percentage rates start at 26% for Recent Graduates and 27% for experienced drivers. This is the rate you will receive through the first full calendar month that you are with TMC. Your percentage rate for each month after that will be based on your performance. Percentage rates go as high as 34%. Drivers with 1 year of service with TMC are guaranteed a base percentage of 26%. Drivers with 2 or more years of service with TMC are guaranteed a base percentage of 27%.

This is our most popular pay option, favored by 98% of our current Linehaul fleet. New drivers love it because it gives them the opportunity to move rapidly up the pay scale unencumbered by a lack of seniority with the company. Experienced drivers love it because they get a share of the gain every time TMC gets a rate increase.

The following video gives a more detailed overview on percentage pay.



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