on Monday, November 19, 2018 in Company News

Another year of TMC’s annual Food Drive is in the books, complete with friendly competition between departments and a TON of giving!

There were eight teams divided between all of TMC’s office and shop locations nationwide. Each day brought it’s own “challenge,” where employees focused on certain items that are in higher demand at most food banks and charity operations. The team that brought in the most items for each day’s challenge earned points and prizes as they pursued first place on the leader board. At the end of the week, the team with the most points took home the coveted “TMC Food Drive” trophy, and will have the honor of displaying it in their department the until next year.

The fun filled challenge days included:

Macaroni Monday: Most dry pasta and soup
The “Hunger Helpers” in Columbia, Gaston, and Joplin won the most points for that day. They also earned pizza for lunch on Tuesday. Talk about carb loading!

Feelin’ Fresh Tuesday: Most personal care items
“Hunger Helpers” were on fire once again, as they came in first place for the second day in a row. This win earned them 25 bonus points as well! #SelfCarePoints

Wake Up Wednesday: Most breakfast items
A new team decided to rise and shine. “The IncrEDIBLES,” representing DSM Admin/IT/Logistics, took first place. This also earned them donuts on Thursday morning!

Meaty Thursday: Most protein items
We were swimming in tuna and peanut butter on our last challenge day. “The IncrEDIBLES” reeled in first place again and snagged 50 bonus points.

Final Call Friday: Total count of all items
All of the teams stepped up to bring in last minute items to contribute to the Food Drive. This day really focused on what was important: the season of GIVING!

food drive des moines office shop employees owned banks charity volunteer
All of Des Moines' items ready to be picked up by The Food Bank of Iowa. 

food drive bentonville non-perishable collecting donations office contest employeeNick Collins from our Bentonville Logistics office delivered their haul to the Northwest Arkansas Children's Shelter.

Which team came out on top? It was “The IncrEDIBLES,” with 9,363 total items. Between all eight teams, TMC collected 25,118 non-perishable food and wellness items to donate to food banks and charity programs all over the country!

For an added incentive to collect donations, the Customer Service and Operations departments in Des Moines held their own contest. People who donated the most money or items each day got to choose a VP or Manager to “Pie in the Face!” Check out these winners (and losers).food drive pie in the faceCustomer Service Rep, Ashley Collins, gives Operations Manager, Kyle Miller a tasty treat.

While Food Drive Week is a fun tradition for our TMC Family, it isn’t just about competitions and trophies. We are humbled to be fortunate enough to help provide essential nutrition and health products to those in need, and to make a positive impact in our communities.