Experienced Flatbed Truck Drivers

Are you looking for a company who can take your driving career to the next level? At TMC your experience will help you excel with our performance pay program, which pays more than traditional per-mile programs. You will also find yourself driving one of TMC's late model Peterbilt tractors.

Have tractor-trailer experience but no flatbed experience? No problem. TMC offers a paid training program that will teach you how to be an expert in load securement, tarping and flatbed driving techniques. Please visit the Training section of our website for more details on our training process.

TMC continues to grow its dedicated operations and often has openings that require experienced OTR drivers. 

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  • Do I need to have previous flatbed experience to hire on as an experienced TMC driver?
    • Absolutely not. Many of our experienced hires have little to no flatbed experience. If you are a van driver, tanker, reefer, you name it, then you already have the driving skills needed. We will provide you with load securement training in orientation along with placing you with a quality driver trainer for 2-4 weeks to help give you hands-on training with loading and securing flatbed freight. You will have the confidence needed when it's time for you to hit the road on your own.
  • How much tarping will I have to do and do I get paid for it?
    • The frequency of tarping varies by season, but the customer always dictates whether or not a load is to be tarped. Generally, in the winter about 85% of loads require tarping. This drops to about 65% during warmer seasons. Drivers are paid an additional $30 for loads requiring steel tarps and $40 for those requiring wood tarps.
  • I stopped driving several years ago but still have a current Class A CDL. Will TMC hire me?
    • Yes, if you meet our hiring standards although, We will require you to complete some refresher training with us. This can amount to an extra week to 4 weeks after Orientation depending on your specific needs. The Training Department will evaluate your skills after you arrive for Orientation and determine the amount of time you will train before being assigned your own truck. Recruiting will give you an estimate before you come in but that will only be an educated guess.

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Have OTR experience and want to make the switch to flatbed? Flatbed is all we do and we do it well. Learn more about load securement training.